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Holly Springs

Dept.: Commercial Maintenance | Regional Construction

Reports to: Branch Manager

FSLA Status: Salary – Exempt

Last revised date: 09-27-18


Position Description

The Production Manager is responsible for the multiple project delivery of high-quality commercial landscape maintenance and enhancement services and the full execution of all contracts there-in. Further, the Production Manager is responsible for meeting branch financial profitability objectives and for meeting or exceeding the overall satisfaction goals set forth by the clients and the company.  The Production Manager directly supervises the activities of the Foremen and/or Project Manager(s) and promotes the development and performance of the Project Manager(s) and his/her respective subordinates while ensuring personnel safety and the safe and efficient operations of tools, equipment and vehicles.


The Production Manager is a member of the Green Team and as such understands and upholds Greenscape Culture through:

  • Living the company mission and vision statement, leadership principles, and company core values
  • Caring for all people and aiding them in their career path and life journey while with Greenscape
  • All safety standards pertaining to job responsibilities in accordance with Greenscape policies
  • All company policies and procedures as outlined in the employee handbook and/or other company documents


Essential Functions

The examples of functions listed in this job description are representative, but not necessarily exhaustive of any one position in this job classification. Management may assign other functions not listed here if such duties are a logical assignment for the position.


Skill Set and Educational requirements

  • Demonstrate ability to read and communicate details regarding all landscape maintenance contracts
  • Demonstrated ability to read landscape and irrigation blue prints plans for comprehension and implementation
  • Demonstrated ability in irrigation system management
  • Demonstrated ability in equipment operation and basic small engine field repair and troubleshooting
  • Demonstrated ability to read maps, give and follow clear directions
  • Can create, train, utilize and improve Gantt charts for each site in the branch and upholds team usage of these and any other efficiency tools we may use or create.  
  • Understands how to create site efficiency with crews


Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to utilize the following software modules:

  • Invoicing – Understands how invoices are created and can process one through to batch
  • Purchasing – Understands how to create and receive a Purchase Receipt correctly, 
  • Work Tickets – Understands how to schedule, complete, and how to do a post completion review
  • Inventory Entry – Understands how to complete and importance of
  • Time Entry – Understands and can complete weekly payroll time entry and approval
  • Opportunities – Has the ability to find and comprehend opportunity details and to create T&M opportunities
  • Knowledge of proper landscape maintenance and basic landscape installation techniques, per company quality standards
  • Proven knowledge of plant id, weed id, insect id and plant diseases
  • Organizational skills to work with foremen and Project Managers to manage landscape maintenance crews daily activities, coordinate additional personnel and equipment needed as well as work with purchasing on all needed materials
  • Leadership and employee development skills including professional development, reprimanding, conducting performance plans, terminations, layoffs, etc.
  • Good communication skills (oral and written) for conveying information to foremen, peers and clients in a timely manner
  • Demonstrated positive approach towards customer service, coworkers and subordinates
  • Must have a high level of motivation, enthusiasm, be a self-starter and perform daily under pressure
  • Ability to work without direct supervision for extended periods of time
  • Ability to create and sustain a productive team environment and build team consensus 
  • Ability to grow the leadership of the foremen and/or project managers on your team



  • Supervises daily operations of a branch.
  • Maintains familiarity with each job’s contract specifications and ensures compliance
  • Verifies that all subcontracted services are completed to meet Greenscape quality guidelines
  • Daily plans, coordinates and communicates the activities of the foremen and their equipment and materials needed to ensure maximum efficiencies and safe operations
  • Ensures work is performed within budget and performed to Greenscape quality standards
  • Manages equipment needs and schedule for maximum efficiency
  • Works with Branch Manager to ensure efficient scheduling
  • Keeps Director of HR in the loop on employee life issues and needs outside of the workplace
  • Works with Branch Manager to maintain the branch site in good condition



  • Presents quality expectations to employees
  • Ensures the training/ performance of quality work in conjunction with Director of Training and Efficiency
  • Accepts quality plant and materials; rejects any material not within Greenscape quality standards
  • Sees that jobs are maintained and installed to Greenscape quality standards
  • Overviews the delivery of quality customer service through personal contact with clients where needed by CRM Team


Client Relations

  • Helps maintain good client relationships by communicating effectively, in a timely manner, and by providing constant feedback to Client Relations Managers. 
  • Meets with clients when requested by CRM’s, conducts regular site visits with and without assigned Project Managers to resolve concerns
  • Other activities to meet homeowner/client needs such as attending client meetings, homeowner association board or annual meetings, etc…


Personnel Development

  • Provides technical and professional leadership to crews
  • Provides daily detailed expectations and schedules to each crew
  • Reviews work performance on an ongoing basis through performance planning 
  • Manages disciplinary actions and grievance procedures to resolve issues as quickly as possible 
  • Provides on-site training to each crew and works with Director of Training and Efficiency to increase the team’s technical and skill set knowledge as well as increased efficiency and hours awareness.



  • Determines reporting time for lead people/crew depending on weather and/or seasonal needs, etc. and report to work 15 minutes (at a minimum) before team
  • Tracks labor and materials and processes proper paperwork (payroll timesheets, materials used, as builts, etc.) in a timely manner per company guidelines
  • Tags equipment and completes and remits equipment repair sheets to Shop Mechanic for repairs needed in a timely manner
  •  Informs Branch Manager and Fleet Director of repair requests and any ongoing equipment concerns and requests
  • Insures that team adheres to Greenscape uniform/dress code
  • Upholds all Greenscape policies and core values
  • Supports company vision/passion and performs accordingly
  • Ensures payroll for department is submitted correctly and on time
  • Ensures incident reports are completed with full details completed and submitted correctly and on time to HR
  • Responds to email in a timely fashion and keeps an updated outlook calendar of activities
  • Can read and understand a profit and loss statement


Special Notes Licenses and Certifications

  • A class “C” driver’s license is required during appointment to this job classification. The driver’s license must be maintained in good standing as per company insurance standards


Continuing Education and Career Development

  • A minimum of 1 book relevant to employee and business management are to be read each calendar year
  • Annual SMART goals/rocks are to be written and monitored throughout the year
  • Always looks for opportunities to reduce manpower needs through technology or innovation improvements
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