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This Could Be You!

Meet the people who make up The Green Team—who could be your future coworkers.

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We're focused on helping you launch or continue your career right here at Greenscape. Whether you're joining us as a crew member or bringing us your experience as a manager, we're happy you found us.

Jack Davis

Business Developer

Jack is a Business Developer from Burlington, NC. As a business developer in the landscaping industry his favorite thing about the industry is the constant innovation and technology advances. Outside of the office Jack enjoys spending time with friends and family, and going fishing and hunting whenever he can. A fun fact about Jack is that at work he drinks 3 cups of coffee each day.

- NC Pesticide Applicators License
- Stormwater BMP Inspection & Maintenance Certification

Tyler Thaler

Production Manager

Tyler, who has been in the industry for over 15 years, started at Greenscape in 2019 as a Regional Construction Production Manager. Tyler loves being able to see a project come together from start to finish making a design a reality for a customer. While he is at work he tried to make work fun for himself and his team. Outside of work Tyler loves to spend time with his wife, daughter, and soon to be second child. Some of his hobbies are going to the beach and going golfing.

- Sports and Commercial Turf Management Certification

Roger Beale

Branch Manager

Roger, a Triangle native, Branch Manager who started with Greenscape in 2016, has been in the industry since 1991. He loves making a positive influence in other's lives whether by caring for his coworkers or by improving customers' environments. In his free time Roger enjoys snow skiing, saltwater fishing, and exploring his musical talents playing different instruments and singing.

- NC Landscape Contractor's License
- NC Pesticide License
- NC Stormwater BMP Inspection Certification

William Tomlin


William, aka WT, is from Reading, Pennsylvania. He started working at Greenscape in 2012 and is now a Designer/Estimator. WT loves his job because it allows him to be creative, leave his mark in the world, and learn new things every day. Outside of work WT loves spending time with his kids and going to the beach. A fun fact about him is WT's spirit animal is a grizzly bear.

Brian Holden


Brian has been in the industry for over 20 years, and is closing in on his 10th year at Greenscape. He enjoys helping people solve problems and helping to create landscapes that people can enjoy. Outside of work Brian likes to stay active by working on his house, his yard, and his cars. He and his wife also have 3 cats and a degus (a Chilean hedgehog).

Justin vanBlaricom


Justin originally worked for the GreenTeam in 2004.  After 12 years in Finance, Justin returned as the CFO of Greenscape in 2018.  He is a native of Virginia where he received his B.B.A from Roanoke College and his M.B.A from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.  He enjoys problem-solving, analysis and looking for new technology and innovations to deploy.  In his spare time, he enjoys working on various real-estate projects and traveling with his wife and three children.

Caitlin Miller

Senior Designer & Estimator

Caitlin has been a Senior Designer and Estimator at Greenscape for over 5 years. She enjoys the family like environment at the office and values the drive of her coworkers. Outside of the office Caitlin loves to go on hikes, visit different breweries and visit the beach whenever possible. As an avid beach-goer it is no surprise her favorite season is summer.

- BMP Inspector #2448 Certification
- Energy Saving Landscape Certification

Leslie Herndon

VP of Operations

Leslie has been in the industry for over 20 years, and is closing in on her 18th year at Greenscape. She enjoys working with the team to help create landscape solutions and beautiful flower displays that people can enjoy. She is a NC State graduate and a current board member of the NC Nursery and Landscape Association.

Greg Smith

Director of Business Development

Greg is our Director of Business Development and has been at Greenscape since 2006. As a native of Boston, Greg found a new home at Greenscape and lives in Fuquay-Varina. One of his favorite things about the people at Greenscape is the passion they have for creating beautiful landscapes. Greg is big baseball fan and fittingly enough, his favorite snack to keep on hand is peanuts.

Ryan Truelove

Production Manager

Bio coming soon!

James Parker


James (aka – JJ) has been in the industry for over 34 years. JJ loves working at Greenscape because of the difference he makes in people's lives and the overall sustainability and impact on the environment. When JJ isn't at work he is spending time with his fiancé and daughters. He also enjoys working on cars, mountain biking and taking in lost pets. JJ has a dog, cat, fish, bird and turtle!

Taylor Jones

Customer Relations Manager

My name is TJ, and I have been living in Raleigh for the past 8 years. I graduated from NC State University in 2015 with a degree in Sport Management. I am a big Wolfpack and Panthers fan and enjoy any sort of live music. Working with clients to maintain and find solutions to their landscaping is a true passion of mine.

Jason Buehring

Director of Assets and Purchasing

Jason, our Director of Assets and Purchasing has been helping teammembers have the tools they need to do the job with Greenscape since 1996. He grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi before finding his home in Apex with Greenscape. Jason's biggest interests are traveling, cooking, and grilling. A fun fact about Jason is that if he could have any superpower it would be invisibility.

Jon Haze

Project Manager

Originally from Randolph, New Jersey Jon is a Project Manager that has been with Greenscape since 2017. Jon's favorite part about working at Greenscape is collaborating with coworkers and seeing landscapes evolve over time. Jon has been married for 24 years and has 2 daughters that are currently in college. Outside of work and spending time with family Jon loves to go salt water fishing.

- Pesticide Applicator Certification

Kim DeStefano


Kim has been in the industry since 2014 and handles all Accounts Payable. She loves helping others, and collectively achieving goals. Kim values the helpfulness and drive of her fellow coworkers. Outside of the office Kim enjoys spending time with her son, going walking or to yoga, and writes poetry. A fun fact about Kim is she considers her spirit animal to be a butterfly.

Lisa Hofbauer

Business Developer

Lisa is a Business Developer that has worked in the industry since 2007, but recently started at Greenscape in 2019. Her favorite thing about Greenscape is working with people who are equally passionate about the green industry and equally passionate about growing their skills and knowledge. Outside of work Lisa loves watching her daughter play soccer, tending to her garden, and going on hikes. Lisa's favorite snack is chocolate.

- NC Landscape Contractor's License

Michael Poe


Michael is a CRM with over 10 years of experience in the industry, but he's been a member of the Greenscape team since 2019. Michael enjoys connecting with customers and working together with his co-workers to help solve customer problems. He loves a good challenge! Outside of the office, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and doing things outdoors like hiking, kayaking, camping, and fishing. An interesting fact about Michael is that he considers his spirit animal to the an Atretochoana - check it out!

-Certified Landscape Technician
-Pesticide Applicator

Tina Czysz

Director of HR, Safety & Compliance

Michael Rigsbee


Born and raised in the Triangle, Michael started his career in the pest control industry in 1990. He joined the Greenscape team in 2018 as a CRM where he enjoys working with customers and the team-centric environment the company provides. When he's not providing exceptional service to his customers, Michael enjoys hiking and fishing. If Michael had to choose one superpower, he chooses flight - which is no coincidence as his spirit animal is an eagle!

-NC Landscape Contractor
-NC Pesticide Application License

Brandon Pearce

Project Manager

At work Brandon enjoys being outdoors, seeing the results of his hard work, sharing his knowledge, and learning new things. Outside of work Brandon enjoys hunting, playing softball, fishing, and playing sports with his children and their dog. A fun fact about Brandon is that if he could have any superpower he would choose flying.

- Commercial Ornamental & Turf Pesticide License
- Stormwater SCM Inspection & Maintenance Certification

Nathan Beasley

Branch Manager

Nathan has been with Greenscape since 2004. His favorite part of the job is helping others as much as possible, seeing the progress his coworkers make, and working in beautiful environments. Outside of work Nathan enjoys hanging out with his son, playing golf and softball, and any chance he gets to grill out.

- OSHA 30
- NC Pesticide License

Daniel Currin


Daniel is our President and CEO at Greenscape. Having been in the industry since 2002, Daniel has years of experience solving problems with creative solutions. Daniel has been married for 16 years and has 3 kids. Since Daniel prefers the mountains over the beach some of his favorite hobbies are going to the mountains and snow skiing.

- NC Landscape Contractors License

Rachael Peters


Rachel, one of our Irrigation Technicians, has been in the lawn care industry since 2017. She loves coming to work every day to solve problems and gain more knowledge and experience. When Rachel isn't at work she likes traveling, hiking, swimming and going to concerts. She even has her own sustainable garden. Rachel's favorite season is fall and it is no surprise she prefers the mountains over the beach.

- Certified Plant Professional
- Certified Beekeeper of NC Beekeeper Assoc.
- Drip & Microirrigation Design Certification

Jon Davis

Branch Manager

Jon has been with Greenscape Inc for almost 3 years as the Branch Manager in the Durham Branch.  He brings over 20+ years of experience to the table.  Jon enjoys the fast-paced dynamics of commercial landscape management and problem-solving opportunities.  Outside of work, Jon enjoys home improvement projects.

N.C. Landscape Contractor License.

Scott Kipp


Scott is a CRM from Detroit, Michigan that has been at Greenscape since 2010. At work he enjoys improving the visual aspects of landscapes and loves getting "wows" from customers. Whenever he is around coworkers, Scott likes to share stories amongst the group. When Scott is outside of work, he is spending time with family - especially his grandchildren, playing instruments, or gardening at home.

Melanie Mixon


Melanie is a Senior Accountant that has been working in the landscape industry since 2006. One of her favorite parts of working at Greenscape is the people. She loves the people she works with and getting to know them and their families. Outside of work she spends time with her family either camping, boating, or going to hockey games.

Tiffany Guzman

HR Coordinator

Tiffany works as part of our HR team since April 2018.  As our Payroll and Benefits person, she has a high level of commitment with the company and the employees.  She enjoys connecting with the employees and their needs, being compassionate towards others is her forte.  Outside of work, Tiffany loves to spend time with her son and family, she is a craft lover and even designs her own brand of jewelry. Her favorite season of the year is Winter, so it is no surprise she prefers the mountains over the beach. A fun fact about Tiffany is that if she could have a superpower it would be telepathy.

"I had three offers from different companies at the time that I started here at Greenscape. I chose to go with Greenscape because I felt that they were a company more focused on taking care of their employees. They have met and exceeded everything that I thought about them so far."

Brandon Pearce, Project Manager

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